RIT: StoreWorld, Game teaches business concepts

March 30, 2012

Welcome to StoreWorld, an online retail game on Facebook that is designed to teach students the fundamentals of running a business. Read more…

Video Games in Education Conference

August 31, 2011

GeekMom is quickly becoming my favorite geek parenting blog. Here Rebecca Angel gives a good balanced review of the Games in Education conference and the use of video games in education in general.

Simple Mathmatics in RPG’s

January 24, 2009

In RPG gaming of any type, characters will often aquire gathering quests. Gathering quests require you to search the world for X amount of items of a particular type.

Throughout the quest it’s typical to use the structure X/X. Where the first X stands for how many items you have collected and the second X stands for how many items you need in all.

When I play with my 5 year old son I pause after we gather an item and ask him 3 questions.

1. How many total items do we need?
2. How many items do we have?
3. How many items do we have left to get?

I have found this to be a great way to reinforce simple addition and subtraction while enjoying games together. As time goes on I will use the same quests to teach him about fractions.

Cartoon Networks FusionFall

January 24, 2009

fusionfallCartoon Network has released FusionFall, a MMO for kids of all ages. (www.fusionfall.com)

I stumbled across a one page article about this game in PLAY magazine. It sounded great on paper, but being a browser based MMO I had my doubts. Boy was I ever wrong.

FusionFall looks great, has a fun storyline and quickly immerses you in the world in a way I have not seen since World of Warcraft.

CN characters greet you at the start, inform you of the perilous situation the world is in, and train you on how to use the controls. The interface looks great and is very simple to use.

Parents will be happy to know CN designed the game to be family friendly in many ways.

1. Parental controls
2. Subdued violence – No spewing blood or fighting humans.
3. Pricing – FusionFall offers a fantastic Family price, 9.95/month for 4 accounts.

I am very excited about this game and wanted to get a quick blurb out about it. I will write more as I play more with my son.