Free Science Lesson with LEGO MINDSTORMS on Farming

October 10, 2012

lego_logoThis week’s free lesson is on farming! Using your LEGO MINDSTORMS, simulate the planting of crops by farmers, followed by applying fertilizer with chemical sprays. Develop an understanding of how crops are sown and cared for on a large scale through the building and programming of a control system to place objects at regular intervals, followed by accurate delivery of fertilizer. Discuss the changes in farming practises and research potential future farming solutions.

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Education Nation: Why educators aren’t sold on video games

September 27, 2012

Video games are increasingly popular learning tools in classrooms, but not all teachers are sold on the benefits.

Day two of NBC’s Education Nation summit highlighted the potential for video games to tailor material to a student’s individual level and allow teachers to track student progress. But while games can provide valuable information about how students learn, there is still little evidence that video games positively impact student achievement. And many teachers are skeptical about incorporating games in the classroom, even if it means students would be more invested in lessons.  Read more…

Free Science Lesson Plans with LEGO MINDSTORMS!

September 17, 2012

lego_logoLego UK is offering free Lego Mindstorm lesson plans. This week’s FREE Science Lesson Plan focuses on environmental pests. Read more…

VentureBeat: First graders learning to code

September 7, 2012

estonia-brains-raceWe’re reading today that Estonia is implementing a new education program that will have 100 percent of publicly educated students learning to write code.

Called ProgeTiiger, the new initiative aims to turn children from avid consumers of technology (which they naturally are; try giving a 5-year-old an iPad sometime) into developers of technology (which they are not; see downward-spiraling computer science university degree program enrollment stats).  Read more…

UVa-designed game teaches local kids about planning, urban development

December 19, 2011

Land on a crossing guard, skip ahead two spaces. Roll a pothole, lose a turn.

That’s how students in University of Virginia professor Nisha Botchwey’s Neighborhood Planning Workshop began to get third- and fourth-graders from Johnson Elementary School to think about urban planning and design principles.

“We came up with a board game, Race to Johnson Elementary,” said UVa graduate student Madeline Hawks. “They really enjoyed the more fun aspects of playing a game instead of learning definitions about what it means to plan cities.”  Read more.

Video Games in Education Conference

August 31, 2011

GeekMom is quickly becoming my favorite geek parenting blog. Here Rebecca Angel gives a good balanced review of the Games in Education conference and the use of video games in education in general.

Possible Worlds: Whats in a name?

December 3, 2010


From POSSIBLE WORLDS about page:

Electronic games have an ability to immerse kids in new roles and worlds different from their own. We see this as a learning opportunity to make visible what is distinct about the world we live in through games integrated into school curricula. In particular, we want to help students disentangle misconceptions they bring to the classroom from the concepts and content they learn in the classroom, particularly in the sciences.

This research builds on the groundbreaking work of Jerome Bruner, who argued in his book book, “Actual Minds, Possible Worlds,” that narrative is central to learning. Storytelling help us “climb into” other ways of looking at the world, which allows us to see the particularities of our world more clearly.

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