What is agamerseducation?

Parents – We at agamerseducation are gamers and parents. As gamers we are passionate about all types of games, video/board/card/role playing, as parents we are passionate about our children, their well-being and education. We believe our two passions mix well and games can be a positive force in the development of our children.

Blog – A place for us to share our personal experiences. We will discuss the most recent games in our households and how we feel they have effected, or not effected, our children.

Resources – The site is a repository for games and the educational value we believe exists in each one. The value can be academic or social in nature. Each game listing will include an image of the game, a brief description and a listing of it’s academic and/or social benefits.

Other resources on this site include articles based on gaming and education, sites for online gaming, links to groups of gaming parents and information on gaming schools.

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  1. A new tool for educational video game design


    In November 2008 as a speaker in the serious games category of the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) 2008, I presented the results of my doctoral dissertation on educational video game design. I believe that the research and creative methodology of my dissertation can be very useful in school, extracurricular (museum, cultural centre, etc.) and business contexts for equipping art, science and technology trainers, facilitators and instructors and such professionals in other fields conducive to the use of educational or serious games. I also believe that the web site presenting my work might be useful to your professional community working in game art & design, educational video game development, research and promotion.

    Here is the link to MIGS 2008:

    And the link to the Web version of my dissertation:

    I am available to answer your questions or to collaborate in the development of your professional and research community.

    I was also wondering if you do have in mind a name that you could refer to me as someone who would be interested with this specific subject?


    René St-Pierre
    M.A. Communication
    Ph.D. Art Studies and Practices
    514 526-3265

    • agamerseducation says:

      Rene, sorry it has taken over a year for me to respond. Are you still available to collaborate? What are you doing these days?

  2. francisco says:

    is there anything here in san antonio. i would love some info

  3. Of course I’m available. Actually, I’m pursuing a research on the use of ICT in art education. I’m also working on a projet to promote IT career among teenagers.


    Sorry it’s only in french for now



  4. agamerseducation says:

    Rene, I FINALLY got around to posting your information. Sorry it took me so long. Your message has been posted to my new blog ‘agamersedu.posterous.com’ which in turn posts here. If you are interested in blogging/sharing more content please let me know. I can be emailed directly at agamersedu at gmail.

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