Sources and Methods: The Ancient Viking Game Every Intelligence Professional Should Play


On August 3rd, the village of Fetlar, Scotland (go ahead, try to find it – I’ll wait), will hold the Hnefatafl World Championships.  With a population of 86, Fetlar might seem an unlikely place to hold the world championships of one of the world’s oldest games.  The truth is Hnefatafl, or “King’s Table”, is nowhere near as popular today as it was in the days of the Vikings.  In fact, for the 250 or so years that make up the Viking Age, Hnefatafl (or games very similar to it) was the chess, the checkers, the go, and the Nintendo for the Norse.

Today, only dedicated tabletop gamers have ever heard of it and many of them have never had a chance to play the game.  That is a shame for it’s an extraordinary game with a number of lessons embedded in it for the curious intelligence professional.  Read More…

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