Colby Dauch’s visit to another dimension


Colby Dauch, President and Chief Game Designer of Plaid Hat Games, (Summoner Wars, Mice & Mystics, City of Remnants, Dungeon Run)  just posted this fantastic piece about life, work, and inspiration…

My Visit to Another Dimension

A while back a man sent me a video of his elementary school class at indoor recess.  It was a window to another dimension. In this other dimension Summoner Wars is insanely popular.  There were a couple dozen games of Summoner Wars being played simultaneously.  The handful of kids not playing Summoner Wars were watching others play.  I had a hard time registering what I was seeing.  I know that there are thousands of Summoner Wars players.  I have even seen several games going at once during a tournament setting like GenCon.  Those experiences are uplifting, but they also feel like drops of fandom in a greater ocean that is board game and card game fandom.  This image of a class full of kids ALL playing the game was something different.  Read More…


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