Blog-Talk Radio: Game-Induced Enhancements in Adult "Fluid Intelligence"

Upcoming Show: 1/20/2010 2:00 PM

Dr. Ray Perez, program officer with the Office of Naval Research, will discuss how video games can impact adult “fluid intelligence,” the fundamental ability to reason and solve problems

in novel contexts. When people think of the U.S. Navy, they may visualize ships, planes, and other military hardware — not necessarily neuroscience or cognitive research. Scientists studying brain function point to a growing body of research suggesting that the brain continues to learn and improve cognitive function with age. Dr. Perez, who is contributing to a growing body of research on how the brain functions, will discuss the Navy’s interest in “brain plasticity” and “fluid intelligence” and how today’s neuroscientific research may literally change the way we think 10 years from now.

Listen here.

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