Game programming made easy

Winda Benedetti

Who says making a video game is hard? Pshaw. Even a 9-year-old can do it.

Even I can do it … and that’s saying something since I’m quite the dumb-dumb when it comes to the maths.

OK. Perhaps the 9-year-olds and I can’t make any old big-budget video game. But thanks to the newly launched “Kodu,” we can begin to master the magic that makes a video game tick and, in a matter of hours, we can even make an Xbox 360 game of our very own.

A team at Microsoft Research has just launched “Kodu Game Lab” on the Xbox Live Community Games channel. Originally created to make programming more accessible to kids, “Kodu” is not so much a game as it is a set of tools — tools that not only teach basic programming concepts but also make programming so easy and so much fun that almost anyone can dive into it.  Read More.


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