Peace out! John Hunter saves the world

peace out

This is an article from  C-Ville Weekly originally published on 10/2007.  It is so cool I felt the need to make it front page.  Enjoy.


There is a $25 million fine for bumping into John Hunter’s World Peace Game, the staggering, multilevel roleplaying game that stands 4′ tall near one side of his Venable School classroom. Curtain Calls (who is desperately stuffing his mattress with every spare dollar he can find for a ticket to see the Hives at the John Paul Jones Arena—see Feedback) cautiously follows Hunter around his game board. Then Hunter—dressed in a rich blue robe, his voice soft as if swathed in the same material—reaches out. And. Pushes. The. Structure.  Read More.


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  1. […] and other fourth-grade achievements! We’ve posted about John Hunter’s ‘World Peace Game‘ before, but now a new documentary is set to tell the world.  If you are lucky enough to […]

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