In our household – Preschool Adventures

iphone1 I have been using Preschool Adventures with my daughter (21 months old) for a week now.  While she’s probably still a bit young for this application, I believe she will grow into it well.   In only a week she has gone from repeatedly smashing the surface of the phone (causing crashes)  to knowing how to locate her favorite activity using lighter, less frequent taps.  Preschool Adventures is an iPhone application from 3DAL Inc. containing five educational activities. All five activities ooze with cuteness, they are…

pa-colors Colors – Seven ink blots are sitting at the bottom of the ocean.  The first time someone touches one of the blots they turn into a sea creature and a child’s voice states the name of the color and the creature.
Body – The head, torso, and tail of a monkey are shown.  Next to the monkey are his eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands, arms, legs, and feet.  As the child taps a body part, that part is attached to the monkey, a sound effect is played, and a voice names the part of the monkey.  This is by far my daughter’s favorite activity.  She learned how to restart the activity and gets all giddy when it begins again. pa-monkey
img_0001 Sounds – A sunny day on the farm provides the perfect setting for learning animal names and their sounds.  Tapping on the animals produces the name and sound of that animal as well as makes the animal move.
Shapes – Five colored shapes are standing in craters.  Tapping each one makes it jump followed by a voice saying the name of the color and the object’s shape. img_00021
img_00031 Matching – The image is divided into three parts: the head, torso, and legs/feet.  When launched, the image is scrambled so each section belongs to a different animal.  The child must swipe their finger to change the parts until all the parts match.  When the child has done this the animal goes through a short animation and makes a sound.

Preschool Adventures is well worth 99 cents.  I look forward to trying other applications from 3DAL.

AGE Tested: 21 months

Academic Benefits:

  • Animal recognition
  • Color recognition
  • Body part recognition
  • Shape recognition
  • Matching
  • Touch screen navigation

Download through iTunes.


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