In our household – Word Magic

word-magicWord Magic is another educational game by developer Senthil Pandurangan.  This game works exactly like Math Magic but instead quizzes children on the first, second or last letter of a word.  Word Magic uses audio clips to encourage children, e.g. ‘Marvelous!’ or ‘You can do it!’,  after an answer is supplied. A flower is awarded for every correct answer and a ribbon for every 25 correct answers.

Word Magic is a solid game, given a little more polish to the images it could be a great game.  Some images are spot on, while others take a little bit of thinking, especially for a child.  One example is color words, pink/red/blue etc.  The colors are represented by a  splotch with eyes on it.  My son had to ask a few times ‘What is that?’

Thankfully it only takes one or two explanations for the child to memorize the image/word  and the obstacle is overcome.  My son has thoroughly enjoyed playing this game.  The encouragement he gets from the audio clips/flowers/ribbons, keep him wanting to complete another word.  Listening to him sound out words before he chooses an answer brings a smile to my face.

Both Word Magic and Math Magic are well worth 99 cents each.  I look forward to seeing both of these titles evolve.

AGEd Tested: 5 years

Academic Benefits:

  • Spelling
  • Word recognition

Web site:



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