Teachers invite 'Wii Music' into the classroom

wiimusicYou might play games with your kids at home. But would you send your kids to school to play video games?

You might if the teacher were Eileen Jahn, who teaches music at the St. Philip’s Academy in Newark, N.J. She’s one of 60 music educators around the country that have begun to integrate “Wii Music” into their regular curriculum.

Oh, don’t fret —  Jahn isn’t ducking out to the Starbucks while the Wii teaches harmony to a roomful of third-graders. Rather, she’s using the quirky music game to introduce and reinforce material, such as matching and differentiating different pitches. And the kids?

“They are giddy with excitement when they walk into the room and see the Wii set up,” Jahn wrote in an e-mail. “Their aural skills are improving with every lesson, and they have developed rhythmic and improvisational skills as well.”  Read More…


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