In our household – Math Magic

mathmagicMath Magic is a new iPhone application released this month by Senthil Pandurangan.  In the developer’s own words:  “Math Magic is designed keeping preschoolers in mind.  It is very ideal for kids between the ages 3 and 6.  It is an excellent application for kids to have fun with math and at the same time learn addition, subtraction and multiplication” [agamerseducation note: it also includes division].

Math Magic is not a GREAT game, but it IS a solid one.  It does what it does very well, which is display random addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division equations to test your child.  Each problem is multiple choice with four choices to choose from.  Each question answered correctly prompts positive feedback.  The feedback consists of audio clips of children saying things like ‘Good Job!’ ‘You’re Awesome!’ and ‘Way to go!’  A question answered incorrectly prompts an easy-going ‘Ooopsy!’ or an encouraging ‘That’s OK!’

Every 5 questions answered correctly earns the child a sticker, every 25 questions and the child earns what looks to be a ribbon, though honestly my son and I cannot determine what the sound clip is saying.  So far I have been very pleased with the results.  My son, age 5, earned a ribbon easily, leaving me feeling much better about paying for pre-school.  I first showed him the game and offered him prizes for earning ribbons.  One cookie if he could answer  50 equations in a row – I lost that cookie very fast.

The idea I had was to continually raise the stakes – the more the ribbons, the better the prize.  I was pleased to find a few days later that the stickers, ribbons, and encouragement from the game was enough to keep my son playing.  I constantly hear ‘Daddy I got another sticker!’ or ‘Daddy I got another ribbon!’  I follow it up with my own ‘Good Job!’ or ‘I’m proud of you!’ and that seems to be enough to keep him happy.

Math Magic is well worth 99 cents for any iPhone-owning parent.

AGEd Tested: 5 years

Academic Benefits:

  • Mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

Web site:



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  1. […] Magic is another educational game by developer Senthil Pandurangan.  This game works exactly like Math Magic but instead quizzes children on the first, second or last letter of a word.  Word Magic uses audio […]

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