In our household – Fusion Fall

I posted a quick blurb about a week ago regarding Cartoon Network’s Fusion Fall (  Since then, both my son, age 5,  and I have fallen in love with the game. has posted an in depth look at the game, so I wont bother repeating it.  I will tell you why both my son and I enjoy the game.

My son likes the game because…(his words)

  1. It’s cool.
  2. I like the nano’s you have to find.
  3. I like the characters we create.

I like the game because…

  1. Pricing:  It’s free to try, and only $9.95/month for 4 individual accounts should you decide to continue.
  2. Parental controls:  Each family account requires a master account.  The master account chooses various levels of access to the game for all individual accounts they control.  An example of this control is communication with other players. The master account can choose whether or not an account can chat with others, or if they can communicate only through emotes.
  3. Great design:  This is THE only browser-based MMO I have ever played that has been worth playing.  It has excellent graphics, a fun story, and a great built-in guiding system that helps you get acclimated in the world quickly.
  4. FUN!:  This game is fun – plain and simple.  Over-the-top weapons, interesting monsters, and fun travel (jump, ride a ship, or have MoJo JoJo carry you to your destination).
  5. Strategy:  Like any RPG, attribute allocation is key to accomplishing goals in the world.  Fusion Fall requires players to configure nanos with certain powers – a smart player will learn which powers to learn for the right job.

The game isn’t perfect (it could use better group controls), but I’m sure great things are in store for FusionFall.  Hats off to Cartoon Network – this one is going to be hard to beat!


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